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Our Supporters

Radio Voice of Khalsa operates not-for-profit. What this means is that we depend on our supporters, large and small to keep our operation going to benefit the community as a whole. Radio Voice of Khalsa is committed to strengthening our community by introducing more programs that encourage the participation of both the youth and older generations to create a powerful and positive society. In order to do this we need your help. How can you help to support Radio Voice of Khalsa?

Attend events such as our Annual Fundraiser Dinner on October 23rd where you can meet with our chief guest Sukhpreet Udokhe. Sukhpreet is a well known scholar and researcher in the Sikh Community. He has written several books and delivers lectures all around the world.

Come out and show your support, all contributions are greatly appreciated. Without supporters like you, Radio Voice of Khalsa would not be able to provide our community with the high quality content that we strive to deliver.

Account Details

Wells Fargo Bank
Account Number :- 2993537691
Routing Number :- 111900659
Swift Code For Intrenational WFBIUS6S