Location: Raj Karega Khalsa, 433 Willow Bend Dr Murphy TX 75094


QIs Radio Voice of Khalsa non-commercial and not-for-profit?

AYes, Radio Voice of Khalsa operates entirely not-for-profit. What this means is that we are able to deliver unaltered content without having the pressure from advertisers that most media outlets suffer from. This is why our content is always high quality, and unbiased.

QWhat types of programs are available for listeners of Radio Voice of Khalsa?

AWe have a wide variety of Talk and News programs with experts on various subjects. It is important for us to provide our listeners with quality content they can trust.

QWhich countries is Radio Voice of Khalsa Available?

AOur programs are available to listeners in the US, UK, France, Norway, Germany, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Canada. We are always expanding and looking forward to bringing our programs to more countries soon!

QWho are the main supporters of Radio Voice of Khalsa?

AWe are supported by everyone in our community; doctors, actors, engineers, people of all different backgrounds support us and we are incredibly grateful for all support from donors.

QWhat is the main focus of Radio Voice of Khalsa?

ARadio Voice of Khalsa wants to bring quality content that our listeners can trust, while strengthening the community by spreading the message of Sikhism and Guru Granth Sahib.

QAre there any fundraisers that I can attend to show support for Radio Voice of Khalsa?

AYes, we many fundraisers, including one coming up on October 23rd.