Location: Raj Karega Khalsa, 433 Willow Bend Dr Murphy TX 75094

About Us

11960016_1141244885920447_8700323782092058820_nRadio Voice of Khalsa is a not for profit and non-commercial organization. It was started by Jasvir Singh in 2013 to serve the community, but also educate the community by providing the people with authentic and factual information about the issues that directly affect them. Why does Radio Voice of Khalsa operate not-for-profit? The answer is simple, to provide our listeners with top quality content, just the facts, without the pressure from advertisers that most media outlets suffer from, causing them to skew their content. Radio Voice of Khalsa aims to remain completely neutral and unbiased to ensure that the facts, and just the facts are reported, giving our listeners the best experience possible from our radio station.

Most media outlets claim that they are neutral, non-biased, and secular, but the fact is that they are not. Media outlets for the most part operate for profit, and in order to increase their ad revenue, they have to report content that makes them more attractive to advertisers. This simple fact is what compromises the validity and bias of most media outlets. Radio Voice of Khalsa strives to be neutral, and bring solid, unbiased facts to our audience. It is our commitment to remain this way, so that our listeners know that they are getting pure, unaltered content.

We report on facts, we aren’t here to make money off of opinionated and biased content. The key to the success of our radio station is to maintain this core tenet. All of our news, and talk programs give our listeners the best, raw content for them to interpret themselves, without having to think about the personal views, opinions, and leanings of our staff. Our mission is to educate and inform our listeners in as positive a way as possible.